Sherry Heyerly - Investigator

Sherry is the Co-founder and Lead Investigator of the Los Angeles Ghost Researchers and writer for her blog: Her first introduction to the spirit world occurred in her childhood home in the form of a dark, menacing shadow figure. This entity tried to communicate with her several times, making her a believer from a young age. Sherry learned the power of spiritual strength when she successfully demanded that the spirit leave. Sadly, the tragic event of her mother’s suicide happened in the very home where the dark shadow figure was seen. This powerful event propelled her into the world of paranormal investigating. She wanted answers. Through investigating, she started to reexamine the connection between the dark shadow figure and her mother’s depression and eventual death. Investigating nurtured that passionate need to dig deeper and to share this knowledge with other people who are also searching for answers. When she’s not ghost hunting, Sherry enjoys scuba diving, hiking, wine tasting and spending time with family and friends.