Jim Marin - Scientist

Jim is very skeptical of all paranormal claims. However, since he has had a number of odd and unexplained experiences in his own life, he is not a complete skeptic – but his standards of proof are high. Jim is an entrepreneur, with a background in engineering and physics. Jim is vice president of The Marin Group, Inc., and is a very successful consultant to a number of government contractors in the Washington DC area and nationwide. He previously served as the founder and president of Domain Networks, a software development company in Dallas, and has held senior management positions with MCI, AT&T, Satellite Business Systems (SBS), and other companies. Jim is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and pilot, with over 1,000 hours and private, commercial, instrument, and multi-engine licenses. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Texas and he's currently working on finishing his Juris Doctorate (J.D.)  degree through Concord University School of Law.  Initially a “drag along” when his wife, Pat, founded R.I.P., Jim has become fascinated with the group’s discoveries.  Jim is a certified hypnotist and has also performed as a stage hypnotist