Lisa Linden

Mark Higgins

Krystal Porras- Investigator/Lay Minister

Krystal used to try to pass for normal, but has since given up and accepted the fact that she sees dead people. Krys, mother of five children, is from Mabank, TX, and was raised in a very traditional Southern Baptist home. Some of her earliest memories involve seeing/hearing residual hauntings – "imprints in time," she called them – and, later, being able to interact with intelligent, aware spirits. Her family advised her to ignore them, something Krystal has never been able to do. Now, as a paranormal investigator, she uses her gifts to help others. However, Krystal – like the rest of the R.I.P. team – refuses to consider psychic impressions alone as hard evidence of the paranormal. Instead, she is always looking for corroboration from other sources, including historical research, witness accounts, scientific measurements, and innovative devices and experiments. She believes that proof of the paranormal will come through scientific means. Krystal is also passionately devoted to historical preservation and has been particularly involved in efforts to keep the very haunted "St. Albans" hospital in Radford, VA, from being torn down. She knows that her paranormal journey will continue throughout her lifetime and her goal as an investigator is to make a substantial and lasting contribution to this field. Several years ago, Krystal and her husband, Alex, founded 3:33 A.M. Paranormal Research, another paranormal investigation organization in Northern Virginia. While serving as a full-fledged member of the R.I.P. team, Krystal still runs the day to day operations of 3:33 A.M. Paranormal Research.

Malinka Franklin

Rene Garcia - Investigator/Para-Forensics Specialist

René is a federal law enforcement agent, former satellite radio engineer, and U.S. Navy veteran. His technical knowledge, combined with his background as a trained observer, enables him to distinguish between true paranormal phenomena and wishful thinking on the part of witnesses. René describes himself as basically a skeptic. He always looks for natural causes and logical explanations for so-called paranormal events. René has been working with his psychic abilities since childhood, but only decided to go public with his gifts within the last few years. He enjoys mentoring and helping others discover their own psychic talents. 

Season One Cast

Jim Marin