January 13, 2016


Singapore-based Bomanbridge Mediahas closed a deal with NBCUniversal International Networks for Pan-Asian broadcast rights to paranormal investigative series The R.I.P. Files. Bomanbridge handles distribution in Asia for New Dominion, which holds the worldwide rights to The R.I.P. Files. The series follows paranormal detectives, based in Washington D.C., who use their psychic abilities and deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. Two seasons of 10 episodes each were picked up by NBCU.

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NBCU takes RIP Files to Asia

March 8th 2016

NBCUniversal International Networks (NBCUIN) has picked up two seasons of a paranormal investigative series for its networks across Asia.

NBCU has taken the first two seasons of The RIP Files, which follows paranormal detectives who claim to use their psychic abilities to interact with spirits haunting locations.

The show, made up of a 10×30′ first run and a 10×60′ second season, has been acquired from Singapore’s production/distribution outfit Bomanbridge Media, which is selling the show for US-based prodco New Dominion, holder of the worldwide rights to the series.

Bomanbridge has satellite offices in India, Korea, and Mongolia and carries more than 5,000 hours of programming across lifestyle, factual, drama, children’s and educational genres.

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Marin Group’s “R.I.P. Files” strikes pan-Asian deal by Daniele Alcinii  

January 15, 2015

NBCUniversal International Networks has inked a pan-Asian broadcast deal with Washington DC-based Marin Group Productions for seasons one and two of paranormal reality series The R.I.P. Files (pictured).

The program shadows a female-led team of paranormal investigators as they encourage apparitions they encounter in haunted locations to share their stories.

The R.I.P. Files is distributed in the U.S. by New Dominion Pictures, which holds the worldwide distribution rights, and in Asia by Singapore-based producer-distributor Bomanbridge Media.

The Virginia-based New Dominion Pictures has produced more than 600 hours of factual, reality, and scripted drama programming, including Discovery Channel’s A Haunting.

Marin Group Productions makes a range of paranormal reality series and specials, as well as other types of reality programming.

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SINGAPORE: December 9th, 2016  Bomanbridge Media has landed new deals on series from its paranormal catalog, selling shows to NBCUniversal’s Syfy and Celestial’s Thrill in Asia.

A Haunting, a paranormal anthology television series that depicts eyewitness accounts of possession, exorcism and ghostly encounters, is set for Syfy. The channel also went for RIP Files, which follows paranormal investigators who use their psychic abilities and knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations.

The long-running series Most Haunted is set for Thrill. The show follows as a team, led by Yvette Fielding, spends 24 hours investigating infamously haunted locations to uncover mysteries and bring an honest account of reported paranormal activity.

“Bomanbridge carries great paranormal content within the catalog and with the expansion of paranormal genre and channels in Asia, we hope to maintain our edge in this entertaining genre,” said Sonia Fleck, the CEO of Bomanbridge Media.

Singapore – January 13, 2016: Leading Singapore-based production/distribution agency, Bomanbridge Media, announced a deal with NBCUniversal International Networks (NBCU) for Pan-Asian broadcast for paranormal investigative series R.I.P. Files (Seasons 1 & 2).  Bomanbridge Media handles distribution in Asia for New Dominion who holds the worldwide rights to R.I.P. Files.

NBCU acquired the investigative series The R.I.P. Files which follows paranormal detectives, based in Washington DC, who use their psychic abilities and deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. These investigators encourage the spirits to share their stories in their own words through amazing EVPs and other evidence that is bridging the gap between the worlds of science and spirituality. Making new discoveries that push the boundaries of paranormal research even further, the investigators also find themselves compelled to examine the effects of their activities on their own lives, on the lives of those around them, and on the spirits themselves. S1: 10 x 30′   S2: 10 x 60′

“Bomanbridge is pleased to bring NBCU’s Asian audience the intriguing investigation series, R.I.P. Files  exploring  spooky, paranormal occurrences, a subject which has enjoyed tremendous interest in the region. Bomanbridge continues to source the best in global content to share with our Asian viewers who are sure to enjoy this interesting series,” said Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media.

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