Jason Riddle -

Paranormal Equipment Manager

Billie Peel Billie Peel is a highly experienced audio analyst, with extra sensitivity to sound at its lowest density with documented EVP evidence on file.  She was taught by the best, a very experienced audio analyst out of a research team in Oklahoma. Born a psychic/medium, she has had  a lifetime of paranormal experiences. Billie says this includes visions and premonitions with a strong sensitivity to others' emotions and thoughts of both the living and the dead. She has conducted paranormal investigations and led many EVP sessions, resulting in hundreds of messages from spirits. Billie's college education includes a strong background in human relations, social behavior, and computer web design. She is also very interested in science. She has made two CDS from some of her EVP sessions called "Spirit Voices," and it is sold on eBay. She is the author of the books "Help Me Into the Light" and "A Guide for the Afterlife," plus a few others. Billie also produced an  independent film called "Happy 4th my Dear," which is sold on Amazon. Various other videos can be seen on her "Spookmanor" You Tube channel. She also runs a great website with, among other things, links to webcams in haunted locations around the world. See www.spookmanor.com Billie resides with her family in Arizona.

Billie Peel - Director of Audio Analysis

Jonathan Montgomery  Pollock - Photography & Videography

Katie Engle has been a professional makeup artist for approximately 10 years. She has a passion for helping people to look their best, both on and off screen. Katie is in demand for weddings, as well as film/TV shoots and convention work. She believes that the right type of makeup helps bring out the inner beauty in all women and help them feel confident about themselves. She believes in tailoring the type of makeup to each individual personality. Katie is also a talented hair stylist. She is also fascinated by the paranormal and has had many experiences in her own life, so she loves working on the set of "The R.I.P. Files" and being part of the team's adventures.

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Jonathan Montgomery Pollock is a recording engineer, music producer, musician, and photographer. After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering in 2003, Jonathan returned to his home town of Chicago and became head engineer at Waterdog Records for the Grammy-nominated children’s artist Ralph Covert. Around 2012, Jonathan became interested in photography and soon began incorporating it into his recording sessions and live performances. He quickly expanded his portfolio to include nature, architecture, and portrait photography. Recent projects have included production photography and videography for television, as well as artistic contributions to literary journals.

Katie Engle - Hair/Make Up