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Season 1 of  "The R.I.P. Files" is now available on the following cable and Internet providers in the United States and Canada only. Season 1 was also featured on the Foxtel network in Australia in 2014. 

Starting Thursday October 29th Tune in to Project Lips Radio Show.

Investigator Kenna Hunter and Founder of Project Lips Jill Pavel 

Interview Paranormal Investigator Mark Higgins! 

Here is where you can listen in to the show!

12 PM
  6 PM

5 PM

12 PM

1 pm
7 pm

3 PM
5 PM
9 PM     www.

10 AM
12 PM
 6  PM
 8  PM

Are you ready for Season 2?  Stay Tuned for Upcoming Schedule!

 Be Afraid..Be Very Afraid!