New US paranormal show, "The R.I.P. Files," debuts Friday, April 25th, at 11:30 pm on the Crime & Investigation Network in both Australia and New Zealand. Cast members Patricia Marin, Lisa Linden, Mark C. Higgins, and Krystal Porras will be available on Twitter during the show. Fans can join the conversation at #theripfilestv.

“The R.I.P. Files” features a different group of psychic paranormal investigators, based in Washington DC, who use their abilities and their deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. These investigators encourage the spirits to share their stories in their own words through amazing EVPs and other evidence that is bridging the gap between the worlds of science and spirituality.

Psychic investigators put a metaphysical twist on the paranormal as they discover groundbreaking new evidence in this popular TV series, now available on iTunes. Season 1 features amazing spirit voices from historic haunted locations. Watch as one investigator is attacked by an angry ghost and the team finds possible demonic activities.

"The R.I.P. Files," a different group of paranormal investigators based in Washington DC, is known for psychic abilities, solid science, and amazingly clear EVPs (spirit voices). The team explores some of the scariest places on the planet.

Attend the world premiere of "The R.I.P. Files: The Last Witch," filmed at Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach. The episode includes more than a dozen amazingly clear examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs), otherwise known as spirit voices.

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