Our Services


Our team conducts investigations of private residences, businesses, and historic sites. Our methodology is precise and, if there is paranormal activity to be found, we will find it. One of our specialties is EVPs, that is, spirit voices. Our EVP Analyst is one of the best in the business and we can often communicate directly to spirits, even holding real time conversations. Everyone on the R.I.P. team has psychic abilities and we use those abilities, along with scientific measurement and confirmation, to resolve paranormal situations and prevent their recurrence. All investigations are strictly confidential.


R.I.P. has the expertise to provide extensive genealogical and historical research. We may be able to discover the who, what, and why of any paranormal activity that is occurring and back that up by compelling audio or video evidence. We provide an extensive written report about our investigation and you will receive copies of our evidence.


Members of the R.I.P. team are fully qualified to clear and bless your home, business, or historic location. Our expertise includes Christian techniques, as well as Wiccan methods, and Quabalah-based ceremonies. We are proud to be affiliated with the PWSM (Paranormal Warriors of Saint Michaelâ„¢) network and our founder, Patricia Marin, is a layperson certified in Demonology through the New Life Ministries Church. Unlike most paranormal investigation teams, several R.I.P. members are thoroughly versed in a wide variety of metaphysical methods, including Huna, Shamanism, and the Western Mystery School traditions.


We can answer questions and provide assistance with virtually any type of paranormal problem. Feel free to contact us for the answers you need. We also network with individuals and teams around the globe and we can most likely find someone in your local area. In addition, two team members are certified professional hypnotherapists and can provide limited guidance and referrals as appropriate. Please note that we are not qualified/licensed to diagnose or treat physical or mental illnesses.

Historic Preservation

We believe that history should be preserved for future generations. Many locations through the country are at risk of being destroyed but, with assistance, can be saved. We enjoy working with historical societies and preservation groups to keep our history alive.

Public Events

We hold public events at selected locations, including public and private investigations and classes. We present our evidence and teach you how we investigate. Funds are donated to historical societies and preservation groups to further their mission.


We believe in educating the public through our website, social media, and through public events. We also have an active YouTube channel with vlogs on special topics such as crystals, past life regressions, psychic protection and grounding, and many other topics. We also feature mini investigations on YouTube. Our TV show, "The R.I.P. Files," featured on major networks worldwide, strives to entertain AND educate our viewers. If interested, your home, business, or historic location may be featured on one of our upcoming episodes - but only if you want the publicity. Otherwise, we will never reveal the name, location, or details of any R.I.P. investigation.

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