Nishant Gogna - Investigator

Nishant joined the R.I.P. team in 2016. He has a scientific background and describes himself as "skeptical, but starting to believe." He had some unexplained paranormal experiences as a child in his grandfather's house and has always wanted to explore the unknown. Nishant is from Miami, where he earned a B.S. degree in Biology and an M.S. degree in Medical Studies. He had already been accepted to medical school when he decided that he wanted a career in video more than he wanted to be a doctor. Nishant met the team when he was part of the crew. He found himself becoming part of the action more and more often, especially as his intuitive abilities began to blossom. Nishant's role on the team is as an investigator, medical subject matter expert, and also as an additional camera person and still photographer.